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A onetime vicar of Belford, the Rev Charles Robertson was the main instigator for the formation of the Floral and Horticultural Society. The first ever show was held in the grounds of Belford Hall on 12th September 1884. The Patrons were the squire, Mr George D Atkinson- Clark of Belford Hall and Mr J.T. Leather of Middleton Hall.

Today our Belford Village Show is still an annual community event held in Belford on the third Saturday in September. The show is organised by the Belford Show Committee as a service to the local community and is non-profit making. Our main sources of fundraising come from admission fees, fundraising events such as pub quizzes and the Belford Community Market and donations from local business and individuals. However due to the Covid pandemic restrictions our fundraising events have not been possible.

This year, for the 103th show, we have a new venue and we are looking forward to holding our village Show at the Belford Football Grounds, The Meadows, on Saturday 25th September 2021, subject to government restrictions ending in June. We will continue to monitor the situation as we begin the planning process.

Please check back here, visit our Belford Village Show website or join and follow our Belford Village Show Facebook group for updated information.

The show will open to the public from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm. The cups and prizes will be presented at approximately 4.00pm. All entries need to be brought to the show and staged by 10.30am on the morning of the show.

Now is the time to start making your decisions about what to plant, make or cook. Everyone of all ages is welcome to enter, whatever your experience, whether you are a gardener, or a home cook, or love handicrafts, this is your chance! There are 166 different classes in our schedule, something for absolutely everyone. And it is free to enter

We would like to see the best of your kitchen gardening. Enter fruits, vegetables or even flowers you have grown. The judges are looking for ripe, ready to eat, healthy produce. Preference will be given to produce that is fresh, clean, uniform and free from damage or disease. Please enter anything you can and help us celebrate trials, challenges, mishaps and occasional success and joy of culinary horticulture.

Our primary objective is to encourage community fun and inclusion for all, regardless of age or experience.

With the emphasis on sharing knowledge and experience, we hope to ensure continued interest in growing, making and baking, particularly for our younger exhibitors.

So without delay, get your green fingers wiggling and your allotments dug over, test your tastiest recipes and get your childs imagination racing!

You can download our Belford Village Show 2021 schedule and application forms here.

Good luck!

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